Marketing Statistics Insights
(Content Marketing Institute, 2018)


Statistics show that documenting your strategies gives you a 538% greater chance of being successful in your efforts.


Businesses that document process are 466% more likely to report success than those who don’t.


Only 39% of businesses document their strategies.


Businesses that set goals are 429% more likely to report success than those who don’t.


Successful businesses are 242% more likely to conduct frequent audience research at least once per quarter.

Before you start planning…

Facts and actions you need to consider regarding your strategic market planning approach:

The representation of the existing corporate situation.

A thorough understanding of the market structure.

Consumer trends and insights in the target markets.

Competition elements and competition price range.

Any other element that can provide you with a sustainable
competitive advantage.

Step 1:
Analysis and Evaluation of the Existing Corporate Infrastructure, products and services.

More specifically, we examine,
analyze and evaluate:

All timeless marketing material (website, brochure
and digital material, photographs from participating in

The product portfolio and offered services
(i.e. electronic delivery, electronic update regarding the

Commerce and sales operations.

Sales per product category.

Pricing and Discount Policy.

The variety and quality of after sales services.

One written report will be produced and delivered entailing the evaluation results and the exact points of intervention that need to be addressed.

The collection, registration evaluation of the above company elements will be conducted through: Direct meetings & Use of Audiovisual Media.

Step 2:
Secondary Market Research, Competition Analysis, Consumer Insights and Trends Analysis.

The conduction of primary/secondary market research aims at:

Exploring, recording and processing competition elements and competition price range.

A thorough analysis of market structure.

Placement of the company in the competition map.

Recording and analyzing consumer trends and habits that increase demand in the target markets.

Evaluating the company’s production capabilities in regards to new product development as indicated by market trends and consumer demand.

One written report will be produced and delivered entailing the research’s evaluation and results.

The collection, registration and evaluation of necessary data will be conducted through our specialized research tools and visits in points of sale as well as competitors’ points of placing.

Step 3:
Conduction of Marketing Plan per market, Adjustment Actions regarding products, labels and messages & Complementary Design of Promotional Material.

Conduction of Marketing plan per market with S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based) objectives.

Development of Strategy in order to achieve the objectives.

Creation of a meticulous action plan to complement strategy in order to meet the set objectives.

Creation of a communication & promotion plan with all the analytical actions to be implemented that ensures your brand’s exposure and awareness.

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