Scent & Sound

Scentsational Marketing

Smells like profits… 75% of emotions are evoked through scent.
(Bell & Bell, 2017)
84% of customers are more prone to enjoy
and buy a product when is displayed in a
fragrant place. ( Kotler & Martin, 2005)
75% 84% 10% to 15%

We define the most appropriate aroma for your products

The Idea Monkeys specialized neuromarketing tools which utilize psychographic and neurological measurements will identify and define the most appropriate aroma for your products.

We determine your company’s personality and
characteristics in collaboration with your company’s
marketing department.

We examine, analyze and evaluate the company’s
existing and potential target audiences.

We create a fragrance base that we mutually decide
on (50,000 base ingredients).

We create 3 different, unique brand aromas suggestions.

We perform an application study of the unique brand fragrance and brand sound in the corporate headquarters, branches, business cards, brochures, tissues, product items and product categories.

We examine, analyze and evaluate the results of the study application.

We conduct the final implementation of the unique brand fragrance and brand sound.

Subconscious Neurological Effect

Scent Marketing and Sound Branding Increase:

The time customers spend in your store.

The perceived value of your products.

The propensity of the customer to buy your products.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Our sense of smell is widely considered by scholars to be our “most emotional” sense. (Axel and Buck, Nobel Prize Winners)

Unlike our other senses, scent travels immediately through various parts of your brain instead of being processed centrally first. (Orvis, 2016)

10% to 15% higher price; the customers are willing to pay more when a product is displayed in a fragrant place. (Kotler & Martin, 2005)

Establish the emotional connection


Studies have proven that customers are constantly on ‘Autopilot‘; taking subconscious, emotional purchase decisions.

If you want the consumer to remember your product or brand, they must be emotionally engaged and impassioned by the interaction with your company (Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Professor, 2018).

To achieve the highest emotional response, you should target your consumer through many different senses (Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Professor, 2018).

We work to compose your brand sound

Our ingenious voice engineers and talented music
composers work closely together to combine the right
sounds and beats that most effectively represent your
brand sound for your target audience.
(i.e.: Intel inside and Microsoft)