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Consumer Insights Experts @your service.

We provide analysis based on movement of the facial muscles and on the 7 basic emotional states: happiness, anger, disgust, fear, surprise, sadness, neutral.

We test new and existing products through our Customer Experience Analysis exclusive software IM CEXA™ which utilizes AI technology.

With our innovative software we can decode and analyze customers’ emotions with extreme precision:

95% accuracy for overall mood.

75% accuracy for different facial expressions.

Market Research Experts @your service

Why Is Market Research Crucial?

It showcases economic shifts.

It informs you about new business opportunities and changing market trends you can capitalize on.

It provides detailed insights into the competitors and how they approach the market.

It enables you to test your products before launch and fine-tune them.

It helps you better understand your customers (habits, demographics, consumption patterns and preferences).

Assists you in creating effective strategies to expand your business and increase your customer base.


Successful businesses and marketers are 242% more likely to report conducting market research at least once per quarter.

56% of the most elite marketers and companies conduct research once or more per month.

We conduct laborious primary market research by visiting all of your and your competitors’ points of sale.

We conduct a thorough secondary market research and analysis of market structure with our exclusive research tools: IM Qualitative™ Viewer & IM Quantitative Viewer™.

We record and analyze consumer trends and habits that increase demand in the target markets.

We evaluate your company’s production capabilities in regards to new product development as indicated by market trends.