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As more of us shop online, the role of the bricks and mortar store is evolving and taking on a new relevance.

When brands are able to find ways to express themselves in the physical world, they create much stronger connections to people than online.

The concept stores are leading the way when it comes to re-imagining the physical retail experience in the age of e-commerce.

“If time is the ultimate luxury and people want a higher return on investment of their time, you need to give them a reason to be in a
physical space (Shechtman, 2018).

Create Meaning

Brands are beginning to understand that for offline marketing to have a resurgence, the spaces they occupy must be compelling enough to drag their customers away from their phones.

The only thing that people enjoy more than ease and comfort is good stories.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world” Philip Pullman.

The consumer needs to experience positive, memorable engagement that is of real emotional benefit to them.

Concept Store Experts @your service

Idea Monkeys has extensive experience in matters of creating unique and personalized concept ideas and turning them into concept stores.

We conduct a thorough market research and trend analysis to design and create something of emotional and cultural relevance.

We cooperate with top-of-the tier architects and ingenious interior designers in order to bring your brand to life in-store more effectively and efficiently.

We design and create unique concept stores and showcase designs that best reflect your story as a brand; your values and your vision.

Still servicing…

We undertake the creation or optimization of logo, slogan & communication messages in order to achieve cohesiveness of concept throughout the product items and product lines.

We create or adjust the labels and packages of the product items so that are incorporated in the concept.

We implement the concept in your flagship store.

We help you turn one concept store into a branded chain!