Industries of Expertise:
Food and Beverage,
Retail, FMCG,
Banking, Capital Markets,
Consumer Goods,
Media and Communication,
Health, Travel, Cosmetics
Fear NOT,
we are the Worry - Warriors!
Our Bleeding - Edge
inventive solutions combined with
our robust technologies
transform your
«worries» into «business opportunities»!
We produce concepts and products
that consumers love!

Who We Are

We are an Innovative Marketing Agency that provides breakthrough Marketing, Communication and Promotional solutions.

We produce concepts and products that consumers 

We are passionate about discovering new ways of accomplishing commercial success and creating  impact.

You can call us: The Change Inducers.
We believe that the only constant in this life is change- and we embrace it, in all its forms.

Change calls for Innovation. Innovation leads to Breakthroughs.  Breakthroughs propel civilization forward.

We Are

Artists, Scientists, Inventors, Engineers & Futurists


Dreamers, Tenacious, Graceful, Hardworking & Dedicated


Funny, Believers, Fearless, Inventive & Ingenious

Executive Leadership

Dimitris Karavasilis

Founder & CEO

Panagiotis Milis

Head of Operations & Development Director

Iain Bray

Manager Director - Finance & Tax Department

Betty Venieri

Operations Manager

Our Nature

What We Do

We engage in rigorous, results – driven Strategic Marketing Planning.

We conduct methodical market research and provide consumer insights with our unique product lab testing program which utilizes AI technology.

We create unique Corporate and BrandIdentities and facilitate their resourceful Strategic Brand Management. 

We develop meaningful new products that serve consumers’ needs and can be scaled up to any distribution, packaging design & specifications requests.

We design and create all promotional materials for brands & their product lines (brochures, flyers, Pop – up displays, exhibition booths & more).

We are pioneers in implementing Neuromarketing techniques such as scent & sound marketing; assisting you in triggering the customers’ subconscious mind, which affects their purchasing decisions.

We engage in the design & development of unique user experience websites and mobile phone applications which feature sophisticated e-commerce functions (e – Coupons, e – Competitions, e – Loyalty & e – Bonus Cards).

We deploy out-of-the box, awe-inspiring, Guerilla Marketing tactics.

What Makes Us Different


Our passion for innovative
marketing excellence is our
immense driving force.


Distinguished, passionate
professionals who nurture an
all-inclusive, award-winning,
results-driven culture.


The devil is in the details.
Little things make
big things happen.


Respecting the spark of the
spontaneous moment, our diverse
talent teams work hard to produce
sexy commercial results.


Our international, multicultural
talent teams work in collaboration
and bring forth an intuitive stamina
which results in a holistic,
creative approach to problem-solving.


Rocking the Marketing
Scene since 1999.